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We should all be designers

About the event

Designers are useful people. Our superpowers are solving problems and communicating ideas — and we have techniques that we know work in pretty much any situation.

So why do we specialise in features, interfaces and interactions?

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Designers add immense value to businesses, not because they make things pretty, but because they have tools that help solve complicated problems. And companies are made of problems — which means there’s more ways to be a designer than you think.

Join UX Gatherings as Amelia Schmidt explores what design thinking can do for business and engineering. Amelia will show us why "UX Designer" is not just a job title, and explain why following design thinking and user-centred methodologies is best practice — no matter what kind of work you do.


About the speaker

Amelia Schmidt is a UXer and front end engineer at personal investment company She works closely with engineering, product, marketing and leadership teams to design, test, build and measure features.

Amelia’s a fascinating background spans UX, writing, engineering, teaching and entrepreneurship. She uses her incredible wealth of knowledge to make the internet a better place for the people who use it.


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