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How To Let Discussions With Real People Change The Brief

About the Event

At Studio Thick it’s important to understand projects on a human level. In the context of service design, this means forming deep insights into the needs and experiences of the people who use a service.

Day to day, we’re often tasked with finding insights to support design decisions that have already been made.

So how do we move from validating decisions to allowing insights to shape and guide the right solution?

Angela Bode, Service Design Lead at Thick, will share a handful of projects completed with the Victorian Government and a Victorian non-profit organisation. We’ll hear about what they did, what they aimed to achieve, and most importantly, how the direction of each project changed as they learned.

About Speaker

Angela Bode is Service Design Lead at Thick, previously Service Design Manager at Deloitte Digital and Service Designer at Huddle Design.

Angela is a firm believer that design thinking, human-centred design and co-design more effectively tackle complex problems and drive long-term, meaningful change. It allows us to design and deliver experiences that customers can’t help but fall in love with.

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